Our Firm

Our mission is to empower both institutions and individuals in constructing robust portfolios through a fusion of conventional and innovative investment strategies. Le Mans Trading LLC, headquartered in Chicago, stands as a alternative fund management firm. We are driven by a commitment to delivering optimal risk-adjusted returns with low correlation, we cater to the diverse needs of individual and institutional investors alike.


Le Mans Trading targets absolute returns, focusing on risk management and diversification of methodologies. Our experience has led us to believe that reducing volatility, to the extent possible, even at the cost of performance, ultimately provides the best long term value to the investor.

Le Mans Trading applies its unique approach to portfolio management by focusing on defining probabilities in the market. This ongoing and ever evolving research process is what drives our portfolios and the funds we offer. In addition to offering a high degree of liquidity to investors by investing in a wide range of liquid securities, we are certain to maintain a low to negative correlation to the relevant benchmarks.

Le Mans Trading continuously seeks to adapt to changing financial market conditions and bases its positioning on the firm’s global view of economic data, geopolitical risks, and fiscal and monetary policies. Investing in highly liquid markets across time frames affords the firm the flexibility to react quickly and capitalize on market opportunities as they present themselves.